Shop in Shop Bulk Content Management

Content TypeWhatWhoWhere (in your Locally Admin menu)Notes
Store NamesEdit individual store namesBrandStores > Your Locations > Select Store > "Main Info" tab > "Store Name" field
Store FeatureAdd a single standard block across all Store Pages of a given Store Type (ex: all Brand Stores, all Factory Stores)Locally (bulk upload)

Store FeatureAdding or making edits to store feature blocks for individual storesBrandStores > Store Features 
HoursAdding store hours across all Store PagesLocally (bulk upload)

HoursEdits to specific store hoursBrandStores > Your Locations > Select Store > "Hours" tab
Storefront ImagesAdding Storefront Images to select or all Store PagesBrandStores > Your Locations > Select Store > "Appearance" tabImages need to be horizontal and show the store front so shoppers will have a visual queue of where the shop is. Note that if a storefront isn't uploaded the store logo will show. 
Social MediaAdding store-specific social media channels for each storeBrandStores > Your Locations > Select Store > "Contact and Social" tabIf no store-specific social channel is entered, Locally links to the master brand channel. This can be toggled off by request.
EventsAdd an event for a single storeBrandStores > Store Events
Store Page URLsOverride Locally's default URL and set a custom "URL slug" for each store (ex: > Your Locations > Select Store > "Appearance" tab > "URL SLUG"

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