OSF: Harmonization

New Lists

1. Upload list with as much info as possible.

Dev Update Needed: Need to upload so that nothing suppresses automatically. Workaround until then: once uploaded, unsuppress all.

2. Review all orphans. (Change in focus- we want to review all orphans here- we will not be re-reviewing orphans often afterwards)

Right click on Google API- if any of the following combos match the brand listing, update all info to match Google API

  • Name- Phone
  • Name- City- Phone
  • Address- City-Phone (and the business name stays in the same field, like it is still a bicycle shop)

Dev Update Needed: Update all fields button for Google APIĀ 

For stores that match Google API after corrections, check to find existing parent listing (by city or zip search is best) exists. If so, match to parent (tweaking parent if needed). If it does not exist, promote to parent. If it is a known chain, make the Company Name the Short Version without city.

If Google API says the store is closed, suppress and put closed in address 2.

For orphans that do not meet the criteria for matching to Google API, simply leave as an orphan. The few occasions to suppress are:
PO Box - Suppress and put PO in address 2

Insufficient Info- missing to much info for our system to geo-locate- Suppress and put II (= Insufficient Info) in address 2

3. After finish, a report will be delivered to the brand. The first tab will be Verified Listings (remove phone column), second tab will be orphans and will be Unverified Listings (with note that they should review to make sure they sent info to make sure they sent that DBA etc). The third tab will be closed stores.

Existing Needed Maintenance

1. Catch up on making parents in certain countries. Again, we are not marking listings as unknown and suppressing- all orphans not matching will remain open as orphans. For existing dealers lists, we will send to the brands to review in bulk.

2. Unsuppress orphans that say unknown. Please leave unmarked as suppresses, since these could be brand requests.

3. Have dev build out something to generate a list of stores that might have closed for us to review and close proper shops.

Country Notes


For Japan, we are going to update to Google API which includes some English


These will all go in as orphans since there is no Google API info

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