"One China Policy:" a how-to on updating disputed city/country names on Store/Product Locators

China's "One China" policy stipulates that certain places - namely, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau - be referred to in a way that indicates their relationship to China. This is mandated as a part of doing business in China and there have been recent examples of high-profile brands being called out on social media for non-compliance (google "Versace China controversy"). If you can an urgent email from a brand client about this, here's what to do. 

Search Auto-Suggest Replacements

The first place brands will flag this is on Store Locators and/or simply, anywhere that we have a location search bar:

 As a default, if you load a Locally Store Locator and in the search box begin typing in "Hong Kong" or "Taiwan," our auto-suggest results will show "Hong Kong, Hong Kong" or simply "Taiwan." For brands that do business in China and need to adhere to the One China policy, this is problematic, so you need to add replacement phrases that replace the default terms with the brand's desired terms: 

  1. Load the brand SL/PL Configuration: https://www.locally.com/station/panel/maps/index
  2. Click the "Misc Options" tab and then scroll down to the "Geocoder Replacements (JSON)" section
  3. Enter the replacements here

To do this, you have to write the replacements in JSON. The easiest way to replicate is to copy/paste in the JSON from brands we've already added:

You can also consult this discourse thread: https://discourse.lcly.co/t/search-location-auto-suggest-hong-kong-taiwan/575/3

Map Issues

Another problematic complaint you may receive is how Hong Kong or Taiwan are actually displayed on the map. Using Mapbox Studio, you can edit a brand's map to comply with what they want to see. 

Use Case #1: Make "Taiwan" not appear as it's own country

As a default, the label "Taiwan" is displayed on our map in dark, bold black text, which indicates it's a country. This is problematic for China. So a brand may request you make the word "Taiwan" grey so that it appears as a city/region, not as a country.

To do this, login to mapbox studio (https://studio.mapbox.com) and copy the "Style URL" for the map labeled "One China Policy: Grey Taiwain" and paste that into the "Custom Map Tile URL" field on a brand's SL/PL Config's "Main Info" tab. 

Other Use Cases

We can manipulate virtually any label on our maps using Mapbox Studio. So if a brand reaches out with a new request, follow the instructions outlined in this Doc from Mapbox

Store Locator listing labels

We don't actually ever list the country name on our Store Locator, but we do list City/State, which can often look like the Country Name. This can spook a brand if it's showing "Hong Kong" on it's own. 

If a brand doesn't want these labels to display, we can import their Hong Kong/Taiwan dealer lists with a different state/country and keep them in OSF as orphans. 

We currently have two countries - Chinese Hong Kong, and Chinese Taiwan - that we can upload dealer lists under. 

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