OSF: Adding Dealers in Bulk From Spreadsheets

Step 1: Downloading your Backup File

Before doing anything, if you are editing a brand with an existing dealer list uploaded, download their entire dealer list first as a backup. We have no guardrails in place for going back to previous versions if a mistake is made during the upload process. To download your backup: 

  • Load https://www.locally.com/station/panel/dealer_manager/index
  • Under "Source" select the brand you are adding/replacing. Under "Dealer Types" select "Exclude Parents"
  • Load
  • Download the file (button at top right) and save as "{{Brand}}-{{Date}}-Backup." Save to our Shared "Brand Dealer List Backups" Dropbox folder, located here

Step 2: Prepping Your Upload

To add dealers in bulk from a spreadsheet, first check the brand's current dealer list setup and prep the file.

  1. First, check to see if the brand is using auto-sync by going to https://www.locally.com/station/panel/dealer_file_sources/index. If the brand is on auto-sync, check which countries are on sync by going to the slack channel #brand-content. If the stores are in a different country, proceed with your upload. If it is an auto-sync country, please report that to the sender because they need to make the changes on their end.
  2. Change the spreadsheet headers to match the acceptable terms listed here: https://www.locally.com/station/panel/imported_dealer_files/index. Use "Field Name" and it is case sensitive. Some special notes:
    • Country: Brands rarely put country. Country is a required field, so you often have to add this.
    • Vendor ID: If the brand includes an account number/internal id, etc- add that as your "vendor_id" column. 
    • Phone/Zip: if the brand doesn't have both phone and zip, it may be worth asking them to see if available. Our system matches uses Phone/ZIps or Vendor ID/ Zips, so this will make your job much faster.
  3. Check to see if the brand is using categories. 
    • Load "SL/PL Configs" at https://www.locally.com/station/panel/maps/index and load the brand. Select the category tab and check to see if they are actively using categories. 
    • If they are, categories must match perfectly (they are case sensitive) and be comma separated. Example: `category1,category2,category3`. If they give you multiple columns, you must add together to one column. Often they'll add a category as a header and then put an X. Replace X with the category and add those if that is the case. You can use the excel formula `=e2&","f2&","&g2` etc and then copy and paste the values to combine categories.

Step 3: Uploading and Finalizing the File

Once everything is prepped, you are ready to upload.  

  1. Save your file as an .xlsx
  2. Head to https://www.locally.com/station/panel/imported_dealer_files/index
    • Select "Upload Dealer List To Staging"
    • Do not check "Use Google Place API On Important"
    • If this is a full country replace you must check "Only Update Countries in File". If you are just adding stores, do not check this. 
    • Select the company and add the file. Click Submit.
  3. Follow these instructions for harmonizing: https://support.locally.com/en/support/solutions/articles/14000103071-osf-harmonize
  4. Finish by going to https://www.locally.com/station/panel/imported_dealer_log/index
    • If you are adding dealers, click append. 
    • If you are doing a full country replace, verify that you checked "Only Update Countries if File" by seeing the countries in that file on that screen. If you are doing a full country replace and the country is showing correctly, hit Finalize. These buttons are very close- please be careful. If you are meaning to add and you hit finalize, the brand list will reduce to only the few adds you did. If you do this, ping Mark/Tammy immediately. At this point, we need to load the backup file you downloaded earlier and re-upload that. 

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