Catalog: Add Taxonomy, Images, and Description

Once a catalog is uploaded, you'll need to add taxonomy, images, and description. 

You can download the complete taxonomy from In the column header "Locally Category ID#" you will need to insert the code from this sheet. Please note: top level categories like 616, 1646, and 628 will not work- they are inactive as categories. Try to get as accuate as possible. If a brand provided textual categories from the initial season catalog, you can find and replace in bulk. It is a great idea to check the initial catalog.
If you are in a rush for whatever reason, you can use 1816 as a temporary go-live category. Brands will not like the look of this, so you will want to note to go back shortly to migrate into an appropriate category.
Taxonomy can only be done via UPC or Style Number.
Go to the brand site to get Image URLS. We cannot use images from anywhere else for legal reasons. Always check to see if you can see a pattern for making an image url. Sometimes it will be ""&"{{style number}}&"_"&{{color code}}&".jpg" or similar.
If you cannot auto-generate, go to the site. Find the image, like here: On the biggest image, right click and "Copy Image Location" or similar and paste into the Image URL column for all that is that color. Often, a brand will have some colors hidden, so you might be able to change the color code or color name to get images that aren't on the site.
Images can only be done via UPC. The column header should be named Image URL.
Description is not needed to go live. Do as soon as possible, but it is not as high priority. Go to the brand site only and copy and past the description. We don't often do all the bullet points, just the "snappy short" description.
Descriptions can be done via UPC or Style.

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