Store Locator: Configuration

For the Store Locator to function for testing, an initial dealer list must be finalized.

  1. Go to the brand page Brands > Company Directory, example  Make sure that the brand has a subdomain and that they are live/billing and paid until 2021.
  2. Go to PL/SL/Map Configuration > Configurations
    Create A New Config
  3. Main Info Tab
    Name the Brand Name
    Company: use Brand Name used for the Dealer List upload (some get tricky with similar sounding brands)
    Custom Map Tile URL: Leave blank unless brand specifies (This is what they get sent about custom design options)
    Make categories that match the dealer list. It may be none. Here is what the brand sees for options
    The teardrop slug is located here:
    We need 3 states (Default Marker image is for non-stocking), Has brand/has item (for stocking dealers)- make these two pins identical, and hover. The stocking dealer pin should be the "brightest". Hover is usually something slightly more gray. It is best to design something and work from there. Brands like to start with something. If the logo fits well, they prefer that. Otherwise, I go to the smaller pins like Arc'Teryx.
    Files need to be .png at exact load size.
    Marker Size: should be exact size
    Marker Image Anchor: 19x45
    Info: -5x-10
    Fontface: Choose their font. I use "Fount" to find their main font. If we don't have, get the font from the brand if it isn't a google font or free font. Dev needs to add fonts from a discourse post.
    Accent Color: Hex color with # in front
    Use black or dark gray if they are monotone
    Misc Options
    What's in Stock: Change if the brand in SL only to Suppressed- no conversion or in stock indicators
  4. Check design here: Change to brand and Store Locator
  5. Check in with Tammy before sending
  6. Once good on our end, send the Store Locator code to the brand by going Share and Embed and copying the Share the Page link like this
    Brands often are confused about staging, so always state, "Please note that this is staging only. If you click on the blue tool icon, you can see your embed code. The top and bottom is for staging only. When you embed the code it'll fit the space you give it." And then ask if they want any tweaks and let them know if to let them know if they need any changes! The Store Locator is an iframe so all changes need to be done on our end.

    There are no significant problems with this installation. It takes about 5 minutes. Here are instructions to send the brand: The only off installation I recall is when they tried to just copy the Wizard link instead of the embed code.

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