Catalog: Existing Brand, New Seasonal Catalog

  1. Important: Save Original File from brand as BrandName-Season.xlsx. Always keep an original for any price problems that may arise.
  2. Copy info from the original file and Paste Special > Values into a new document. (This will fix many data problems.) Save this one as Brand-Season-NewOnly
  3. Copy and Paste the UPC and Unit MSRP column into another document. Label the columns correctly (UPC and Unit MSRP) and column called Season Name and put in the proper season name. In this case, Fall 20. Save this file as Brand-Season-FinalPricesSeason. This is needed on the changeover date- usually Jan 1/July 1. Save to a folder where you can easily find.
  4. Go back to the file from Step 2. Download the current season catalog from Copy and paste the UPCs from the current season catalog to a column next to the UPC column in your Brand-Season-NewOnly file. Here is a video on how to find just the new UPCs in a file.
  5. Prepare the rest of the catalog using minus step 1. PLEASE NOTE: Style Number is ultra important. Sometimes it is different than they provide, some brands separate old season and new season, most want to fold in. Please ask Tammy for file review for each brand. Eventually all style number notes will be in Pipedrive.
  6. If you have Image URLs note that on Monday and upload on season changeover date - Jan 1/ July 1.

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