OSF: Quarterly De-Duping

Each quarter, we need to check our parent listings to make sure we don't have duplicate parents. This is a delicate process, so please take care on combining the listings. We need to do US and Canada.

  1. 1. https://www.locally.com/station/panel/dealer_manager/index Load one state/territory at a time. For example, Alabama. Click load.
  2. Sort ID | Status to Parents Only. Download list. Leave OSF open.
  3. In Excel, highlight the Phone column. In conditional formatting, highlight duplicates.
  4. Sort the highlighted rows to the top of the excel doc.
  5. For each duplicate phone number, you will need to evaluate to find listings that are the same. If it is a chain, it is ok that they use the same phone for multiple locations. Please leave those. You will also see some Shop in Shops like the Magnolia Design Centers in Best Buy. Also leave those both open.
  6. If you do find a duplicate, go back to your OSF tab. Put in the last for digits of the duplicate phone in the phone search. You should see the two listings. Change Parents Only to Show All.
  7. Transfer all children to claimed listing OR the lowest ID| Status Number if both are unclaimed- make sure to transfer all so no one's authorization is lost.
  8. Last, delete the parent listing for the unused parent. Make sure to delete the correct parent and double check that all children are transferred.

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