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  1. Go here
  2. Get Locally_BikeHG with the most current date (can be hard to find - will be within the week)
  3. Copy and Paste the UPC/EAN column into a new document. Change UPC/EAN to UPC. Add a season name column (Column Header is "Season Name") and call it the current date, for example 1-17-20. Call the file Shimano-HG-PullForward
  4. Upload the new file and refresh to see what moves forward. After refresh is complete, download the Shimano Cycling 1-17-20 season. Sort the Locally_BikeHG document to only new UPCs.
  5. Add the remaining Locally_BikeHG UPCs:
    Change UPC/EAN to UPC
    Change Column G/SKU Name en en to "Product Name"
    Add Season Name Column and use the same date, like 1-17-20
    Change Column P/Product Code (Style) to "Style Number"
    Add "Locally Category ID#" column and for HG use "1229".
    If anything on the file has a color, change Column B/Color to "Color Code". Copy and paste this column and name the new column "Color Name".
    If anything on the file has size, change Column C/SIze to "Size 1"
    Change Column D/MSRP USD to "Unit MSRP"
    Change Column H/SKU Image Primary to "Image URL"
    Change Column R/Product Description en to "Long Description"
    Sort to Column H for only items with an image. Cut the items without images.
    Sort Unit MSRP column and cut anything with out a price. If there is a CAD price but no US price, add -1 to the US price.
    Save the file as Shimano-HG-Add
  6. Go back to original Locally_BikeHG and do a full US and Canada Price refresh. Only use items with prices!
  7. Repeat 4-6 with the file Locally_BikePRO
  8. Repeat 4-6 with the file Locally_BikeLSG

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