UPC List Upload for Generating Sales Quotes

Locally's sales team is tasked with collecting catalogs from prospective brands in order to generate accurate quotes and to grow the number of brand catalogs Locally supports. This is a two-part process: we start by uploading a bare-bones UPC list to generate the stocking dealer number sales needs, and then we complete the process of converting it into a non-client catalog. 

Uploading a file to get stocking dealer matches

Building the file:

  1. Start here.
  2. Ignore step 1, as this will be covered later in this article.
  3. For Style Number: if the brand provided Style Numbers in their UPC list that are ready-to-use, use these. If the grouping they provided on their UPC list is problematic and needs tweaking, just use the Product Name as the Style Number for now. At this point, it doesn't actually matter, our system just requires some grouping term so it can organize these. 
  4. For Product Name: add the Product Name as provided. If more time-intensive clean-up is needed, upload as-is. You can clean up the product name after the sales quote is generated. 

Save this file to the "Non-Client Catalogs" folder in the "Brand Catalogs" shared dropbox folder here

Uploading the file:

  1. First, make sure the brand exists in the Company Directory. Head here and search for the brand. If the brand doesn't exist, quickly create a new brand, ignoring all non-required fields. None of these extra steps/logos/status fields matter for this step of the process. We're not building out a shopper-facing brand page, we're only making sure the brand exists in our system at its most basic level.
    1. On the 'Status' Tab:
      1. 'PAID UNTIL' date: if no date, leave blank. If date exists, change to something in the future (e.g. 'JANUARY 01, 2024')
      2. Change CRM Status to 'LIVE AND/OR ON BILLING CYCLE'
      3. Check 'CAN USE BSR PANEL'
    2. On the 'Settings' Tab:
  2. Load Catalog Manager and select "Upload & Overwrite Existing Products," select the brand, and upload the file. Confirm that that the file uploads the correct number of UPCs and Products (Products should equal the number of Style Numbers). 
  3. Our system re-runs our catalog/stocking store matching every hour, on the hour, though the process itself can take ~45 minutes. So an hour or so after your file has been uploaded, you should be able to get your report in one of two ways:
    1. Enter the following URL, replacing `12345` with the company's ID: http://locally.com/dealers/carrying/12345 
    2. Or, load the Company Dashboard and download the stocking report

Wrapping it up

  1. Connect Station <> Pipedrive using these instructions.
  2. Note current status of brand on Brand Partner page here.
  3. Email the sales team back and let them know everything is in place (the Pipedrive connector takes about an hour to sync so don’t stress if it doesn’t kick in right away).
  4. Send the stocking report to the sales rep and wish 'em luck. 

NEXT: To finish building out the catalog, visit 'Building Catalogs: Non-Client Catalogs'.

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