Building a Locally Marketplace Catalog

Formatting and Uploading File
1. Continue to format and upload the file per the instructions here.
2. For Style Number: if the brand provided Style Numbers in their UPC list that are ready-to-use, use these. If the grouping they provided on their UPC list doesn't group properly, use the Product Name as the Style Number.
3. Save this file to the "Non-Client Catalogs" folder in the "Brand Catalogs" shared dropbox folder.

Uploading the file
1. Search for the brand in Company Directory. If the brand doesn't exist, create a new brand.
Add both a Color and b&w logo
On the 'Status' Tab:
'PAID UNTIL' date: Jan 1, 2021 (please use this exact date)
Change CRM Status to Free Catalog Support
On the Settings Tab:
2. Load Catalog Manager and select "Upload & Overwrite Existing Products". Confirm that that the file uploads the correct number of UPCs and Products (Products should equal the number of Style Numbers).

Finish Building the Catalog
1. All non-client catalogs need prices.
2. Fill out taxonomy code at a category level. Note you cannot use the highest level grouping, like 616 Automobile and 1646 Baby & Kids. Use the highest level under the main department, like 1256 Snowboard Equipment. Do not spend time drilling down.
If this isn't possible, use 'OTHER' / 1816. Remember to label column header 'Locally Category ID#'
3.If possible, auto-populate the image URLs based on the source (Shopify, Salsify, etc.). If the image urls cannot be auto-generated, add to the Sudhir Queue on Monday for IN STOCK items only. We are not spending time on items not in stock.
4. For long descriptions, use one of following generic descriptions:
“Buy [Brand] [Product Name] at a store near me”
“Buy [Brand] [Product Name] at a store nearby”
“Shop for the [Product Name] locally.”
“Shop for the [Brand][Product Name] locally.”
7. Season Name Must be "Spring 20" or "Fall 20", etc. There can be no variance.

1. Add catalog to 'Non-Client Catalogs' Monday board when complete, as to have a central list of non-client catalogs we've added.
2. Once the images are live and the brand page is looking good add to this FAQ for retailers.
3. Change Pipedrive to "Locally Catalog". Make sure to put your catalog contact for this catalog in PD.

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