Procedure: Organizing/Requesting New Seasonal Catalogs

Each season, maintenance needs to be done for all brands.
Here is the current Monday board. Fall 20

  1. Check Pipedrive to see the frequency of catalog updates. This is for Fall 20, so we need updated catalog info for any brands doing a Yearly in Fall catalog (19-20, 20-21, etc) or Seasonal catalog. We do not need to update brands that are Yearly in Jan (2020, etc) or On Product Release. (This is done. 4/27/20)
  2. For any of your brands on the Monday board that isn't noted in blue, you'll need to reach out for a new catalog.
  3. in the People Section of Pipedrive, click View All. Copy the email/s for anyone listed as a Catalog Contact. 
  4. Look at the Currencies/Language section in Pipedrive. Note if there are any besides USD or English. If so, note on the Monday board Additional Currency Column and make sure to requests specifically.
  5. Write an email to the Catalog contact/s. In the subject line say "Brand Name" Fall 2020 Catalog for Locally. (This will help keep the emails separate as they come back.)
    Hey xx,
    Hope this finds you well.

    We are excited to be gearing up for fall. Please send me your Fall 2020 catalog/retailer order form. (UPC | Product Name | Style Number | Variables | Unit MSRP, etc.

    (If they have additional currencies, etc note here, like : You are also paying for currency support for Japan. Please also send me UPC | Japanese Yen.)

  6. In the date field of the Monday board, note the date you sent this initial email.
  7. If you don't hear back in two weeks, try again, changing the date to the most recent attempt date.
  8. Once the catalog is received, change the Monday board status to "Have". Rename the file to {brandname}-Fall20 and save in the dropbox folder for Fall 20 catalogs.

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