Procedure: Full Seasonal Brand Catalog Update

  1. For catalogs with updates, get new catalog. Make sure to mark Monday board with currencies and when you have the catalog.
  2. Do Season Brand Check  When brand check is done, change the brand check column to Done on Monday.
  3. Once new season catalog is received, prep, your Brand-Season-FinalPricesSeason file for use on changeover date and then make Brand-Season-NewOnly file by following these instructions: Check with Tammy before you upload anything. You should upload Brand-Season-NewOnly to Fall 20 for your brand as soon as it is complete and checked by Tammy. Then note on the Monday board it is uploaded.
  4. On exact season changeover date (usually Jan 1/ July 1) upload Brand-Season-FinalPricesSeason file. Do a season refresh. Wait until complete. Then do a "Refresh Product Search Index" refresh so prices update. Check to make sure the number of UPCs on your original seasonal file match the number of UPCs in Fall 20 after the changeover date.

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