Marketplace Catalog Workflow

Route #1: UPC lists provided by sales for quotes

Sales reps provide UPC lists so that they can provide quotes to prospects. Some of these UPC lists will automatically qualify to be turned into Marketplace catalogs. Others will not.

  1. Perform the basic UPC upload and links Station to Pipedrive in order to generate a Stocking Dealer Report (SDR) for sales to generate a quote.

  2. When the SDR is ready, add the brand to the Locally Marketplace Catalog Monday board and add the # of Stocking dealers and the # of Buy It Locally-enabled dealers in those fields. 

    1. If there are 100+ BIL-enabled dealers: it automatically is placed in the “Queue” group on the Monday board so it is completed with taxonomy, simple descriptions, and images. Instructions.

    2. If there are under 100 BIL-enabled dealers: place the brand in the “Awaiting Guidance” group on the Monday board. Leadership will review regularly and approve/deny. 

Route #2: immediate build as Locally Marketplace Catalog

You may be provided with UPC lists and catalog content that are to skip the basic UPC upload step for generating sales quotes and proceed straight to being built as Marketplace Catalogs. 

  1. Add the brand to the “Queue” section of the Monday board

  2. Build the Marketplace Catalog (instructions) which includes the core UPC upload, taxonomy and simple descriptions. CSM either inputs provided image urls, auto-generates image urls, or sends to Faith Commerce for completion 

  3. When finished, move to the “Active” group on Monday and change status to “Done.” 

  4. Add brand to Locally Marketplace Catalog list

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