Locally Landing Pages (LLP) Overview

Locally Landing Pages provides brands with a robust way to highlight local store profiles, show what's in stock nearby, feature upcoming events, and highlight important marketing content. All right from a fully-hosted subdomain living on your own site. The experience is totally seamless to shoppers.

Create custom content blocks, events, and social plug-ins to create personalized pages that are easily managed by either an in-house, central contact or by staff at each store.

Bring real-time, local product selection right to the fingertips of nearby online shoppers. Shoppers can see if the item they are looking for is available locally, and if it is, they can pay or reserve the items directly with the local shop. The system is as easy as reserving a table at a restaurant or hailing a ride from your phone.

Because Locally Landing Pages run as a hosted solution, it requires absolutely zero effort from your customer service or tech support teams. It also uses the latest SEO tactics to help your brand and your brand stores and dealer network capture those increasingly valuable top spots in local and mobile search results.

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