Ongoing Maintenance

Dealer List Maintenance

  Please identify a Dealer List Maintenance Contact on your team. Please provide us their email and countries they manage.


You have two paths moving forward, you can either manually update your dealer list or put your list on auto-sync. Auto-sync requires a file shared with us via ftp or dropbox. We also have the ability to do this per country, so if your International team wants to auto-sync and your US/CA team wants to do manually, that is possible.

 We can send you Locally Suggested shops to review at any point. Request via a New Ticket

Product Catalog Maintenance

Please identify a Product Catalog Maintenance Contact. We also need to know your catalog update frequency: Yearly (which month), Seasonally (Jan/June), or On Product Release. We will reach out at the specified times as a reminder, but feel free to send us the new catalogs at those times or add us to retailer outreach if you have a system to keep retailers up to date with new catalog/order forms.

  Next Step: Retailer Activation

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