Dealer List Categories

Using categories on your dealer list allows you to highlight certain stores, programs, or features, and customize the behavior of your tool. 

To activate any of the following, you will need to tag dealers on your Dealer List with their corresponding categories via comma separated categories in an additional column. For example: `Premiere,Home.` Different category tags can have different function, so Premiere could bias your top dealers and give them a special pin and Home could be a filter on your map.

1. Store Locator: Banners

Banners are under the store name. You can specify color (via hex color), text, and can add a svg icon. 

Clek uses banners to highlight the dealers who do Car Seat Installations.

2. Store Locator: Biasing

Biasing can be multiple layers and visible (via a banner) or invisible to shoppers. If you bias a dealer, they show above all dealers for about a 50 mile radius. We recommend to keep the biasing fairly simple so that your team understands the setup and so that shoppers aren't confused. 

Brooks visibly biases their "Local Running Stores".

3. Store Locator: Filter

Lib Tech allows shoppers filter by product type.
We also have an advanced filter available for an additional fee. Sonos is a great example. Contact your account manager for additional info.

4. Store Locator: Special Pins

With any tag, you can activate a special pin. Square pins are recommended for Brand Store. You can also do special product release pins, etc. Arc'Teryx uses larger pins for their brand stores. Can be combined with banners and/or biasing.

5. Store Locator: Subset Maps/ Marketing Links to Subset Map

With any category tag, you are able to embed a map of just those dealers on another page of your domain. This is great for special product launches, highlighting types of stores, and other similar campaigns.

Set this up in one of two ways.

To quickly launch a map pre-filtered to show just one category of store results: take your regular Store Locator page URL, and at the end of the url, add #lcly:categoryname.

For example, Wilson uses a Locally Store Locator. When they want to market their golf dealers to golf consumers, they'd link customers to

To install a more permanent map onto a new page, install your normal embed code, but with this additional parameter added:

"category": "categoryname"

6. Store Locator: Choose Product Line First

If your product lines tend to be segmented without much overlap, you can force the shopper to choose a product line first. 

Thule allows shoppers to filter their results for the product line they're looking for. You can add custom svg icons as well.

7. Product Locator: Show only tagged dealers for particular PDP

Categories can also be used for Product Locators. This feature is most often used for products that are exclusive to one chain. For example, if REI carries an exclusive product, you can tag all your authorized REI shops with "REI" and then add this additional parameter 

"category": "REI",

to that particular PDP Product Locator code. Shoppers will only see those shops for that product page. 

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