Automatic Location Management

With our automatic location management option, Locally auto-generates a Store Locator consisting of dealers sharing inventory for your brand. This is a great option if your team requires a hands-off approach to maintaining your dealer list! Our system will automatically populate your tools with any dealer that is reporting your products in stock in their product feed.

The report available via the Download Inventory Report button on your Locally dashboard is a great way to see a full list of these dealers!


Since your dealer list isn't managed through the Locally dashboard with this option, please consider the following:

  • Your tools won't be eligible to utilize dealer list category enhancements.
  • Your dealer list will be limited to dealers that are reporting inventory, specifically your brand's UPCs.
  • Any dealers you wish to add to your tools will need to follow our account claim and inventory feed setup process and ensure they are sending us your UPCs in their inventory feed.
  • You won't be able to suppress or prevent specific dealers from appearing on your Locally tools.


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