Activate Google's "See What's In Store" feature and Local Inventory Ads with Locally

Through a partnership between dbaPlatform and Locally, retailers can make their in-store product selection discoverable to shoppers throughout Google via Google's See What's in Store (SWIS) feature. 

Google "See What's In Store" (SWIS) enables retailers to integrate live inventory into their Google My Business profiles and, via Local Inventory Ads, local search results, offering a robust inventory display built right into Google at the individual store level. 

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How Google SWIS works

With Google SWIS, you can win exposure on the following types of searches:

Direct Searches

These are searches for a business name, address, or phone number, like "Dick's Sporting Goods," "REI," or "Macy's near me."

With See What's In Store, shoppers that land on your store's Google listing can view and search your in-stock selection.  

With SWIS, a shopper viewing your listing on Google can search your inventory. See the Massey's example. You can also watch this video for more information on direct searches.

Discovery Searches

These are general search topics, categories, places and questions, like "shoes near me," or "rain jackets in Seattle" 

With See What's In Store, you inventory will appear in Google Shopping results as an "In Store" result for these Discovery searches for discovery searches relevant to what you carry.

Watch this video for more information on discovery searches.

Brand Searches

This is when a potential buyer searches for a product by name, SKU, description, etc. Example: "YETI cooler," "Nike shoes near me," "Patagonia jacket"

With See What's In Store, your inventory will appear in Google Shopping results for Brand Searches relevant to the brands you carry. 

Watch this video for more information on brand searches.

How Locally's Google SWIS connection works

How does Locally send a feed to Google?
Locally handles sending your store’s inventory feed and the associated catalog content (product names, images, etc.) to Google. Your feed is transmitted daily or as often as hourly. Any product you carry by our partner brands will appear in Google. If you want, you can designate a safety stock threshold (for example: only show products with a quantity of 2 or greater on Google)

Who is dbaPlatform and what do they do?
To make this happen, we've partnered with dbaPlatform. dbaPlatform is a group of with local search experts and Google specialists who, like Locally, are committed to helping retailers turn online traffic into in-store customers. They are your navigators during the setup and verification process with Google and provide ongoing support as it relates to Google. 

What does this cost?
Locally charges $25/mo per store to enable your feed to Google.  

I'd like to do this. What are my next steps?

  1. Activate your subscription via Locally. Fill out this form to get started. Billing begins when on-boarding begins.
  2. We'll send you a link to schedule an on-boarding meeting with dbaPlatform where they will walk you through your next steps.
  3. During on-boarding Locally initializes the feed to Google.
  4. Prior to your products appearing on Google, you must complete a verification process with Google. dbaPlatform helps you to facilitate this. 

Allot 2-4 weeks for on-boarding. Please note that if there are issues with your Google accounts that dba needs to work through with you, on-boarding may exceed the typically 2-4 week timeframe.  

What to know for on-boarding

What do I need to bring to my dbaPlatform on-boarding meeting?
Please make sure you have admin access to your Google My Business profiles, Google Adwords, and Google Merchant Center. You’ll need to add dbaPlatform as a user, so if you don’t have the ability to add users, you should invite someone from your team to the meeting who has these user privileges.

What is Google’s verification process?
Google requires that each store verify the information in their feed. Prior to going live, Google will give your stores a list of products that are being shown as in-stock, and your team completes a survey to verify the validity of the inventory data.  

How long will on-boarding take?
After we have access to Google My Business, Google Adwords and Google Merchant Center, it takes about 30 days to fully setup, configure and verify with Google to go live on all your locations.  

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