Brand Deliverables for Launch : Dealer List and Product Catalog

Locally needs two main pieces of information from you to get started.

Authorized Dealer List

This should contain the following fields: store name, address, city, state, zip, country and your internal vendor id. Optionally: website url, categories.

 Please review Dealer List Categories to see all your category options. If you'd like to launch with any of those functions, please include categories per store. You can download a template below.

Note that we work with brick and mortar locations only. Online/E-Commerce shops will not show up on our locator as all services point shoppers to physical places to buy.                                               

Product Catalog

Start by providing a current UPC list (this is often a retailer order form or similar) that contains the following: 

  • UPC (or EAN)
  • Product Name
  • Style Number
  • Taxonomy/Category (for example Shoes > Running > Trail)
  • Color
  • Size 
  • Gender
  • MSRP
  • Image URL*
  • Short Description*
  • Brand (if your feed includes other brands you sell outside of your brand so we can filter)

* Image URL's and short descriptions may be provided within the main UPC list file or in a separate file. If the latter, you must include UPC. You can provide these via a product feed - Channel Advisor, Google Shopping, or similar - by giving us access to an existing feed or generating a new one for us. If you use Salsify, we'll provide you instructions to transmit product info to us via our Salsify integration.

For each additional country supported per contract, please include the following spreadsheets...
  • UPC/EAN and Unit MSRP for Local Currency
  • UPC/EAN and Product Name Translations
  • UPC/EAN or Style Number and Product Style Description Translation

To add additional countries after contract start, contact your Account Manager.

  See Also: Store Locator Overview and Product Locator Overview if you need a refresher or are new to a Brand Team

  Next Step: Designing Your Tools

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