Tool Installation

Store Locator Wizard

You will receive a link to your Store Locator Wizard similar to this.

The top and bottom are staging only. Click the blue tool icon and you will see the options and embed code. Copy and paste the embed code onto your Store Locator page.

You can choose to install an additional instance of your store locator restricted to just certain dealers. To get the code for a subset install, add a category in default category. It is case sensitive.

You can also install translated Store Locator by selecting the language under locale. That will translate all universal parts of the Store Locator. For any added words, like banners, we can show you how to add those translations.

Notes: Certain brands prefer to launch Locally as a modal. This is fine, but please let us know if you plan on taking this route so we can confirm it is being loaded properly. Most brands will want to have their maps jump to the location of the shopper, you can have it jump to a specified location

Product Locator Wizard

You will receive a link to your Product Locator Wizard similar to this. With the wizard you can change formats at any time.

We have specific installation notes for Big Commerce and Shopify. For all others, please follow below.

You will need to change one parameter per PDP. You can use either "UPC":"xxxxxxxxxxxx"  or "Style":"xxxx" . We do not support skus. Most brands write javascript to quickly have the style number pulled from each page to inject in the Product Locator.

We recommend using style because our widget will find all available variants with that grouping. So if a shopper is looking at a product and a nearby hasit available in one color it'll show as "in stock". When the shopper clicks that store, our modal will show the variants (colors/sizes/etc) in-stock at the moment.

Please send us a login/pw to your staging site so that we can confirm the Product Locator is working as desired. The best indication that the Product Locator is working correctly is seeing the product info on the map pop-up from the Product Locator. You should see the product thumbnail, product name, and Unit MSRP (if you are displaying prices).

It should change per PDP. A common error is inserting the same style or upc for all.
Please let us see your staging site. We can confirm it is working perfectly.

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