Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce *Premier Connection*

You can now schedule your WooCommerce inventory to be shared with Locally via the Product Import Export Plugin. Follow the steps below to get started: 

  1. Download the plugin here.
  2. Generate your FTP credentials in your Locally account by going to Inventory > FTP & API Credentials > Generate FTP/SFTP Credentials. Here is a direct link.
  3. Save your FTP credentials somewhere you won't forget them. 
  4. Follow the instructions here to set up your inventory export template in the Product Import Export Plugin.  In Step 1 select "Product". In Step 2 choose Quick Export, remember that the file must include UPC/EAN values (which are categorized as metadata in the plugin), quantity on hand, and price in the report. In Step 3 of the set up you will schedule the report to be sent to us. This will be explained below.
  5. Before scheduling the report make sure that you have set up your FTP Profile in the plugin. You can follow the instructions here to get the FTP profile set up or click View/Add FTP Profiles in Step 3 of the set up.

More details for configuring the FTP Profile:

FTP Server Host/IP:

FTP Username: username generated above.

FTP Password: password generated above.

FTP Port: 21

Default Export Path: Leave blank

Default Import Path: Leave blank.

Use FTPS: No

Enable Passive Mode: No


  1. Schedule the export. Choose the Wordpress Cron, and set the filename to be Locally. Choose the Custom interval option and set the custom interval. You can choose what makes the most sense for your business, we can accept inventory changes as often as once per hour and recommend that the file update at least once a day. Set the start time. Select "Schedule Now".

Once your file has been scheduled and sent for the first time, reach out to so that we can get your inventory feed connected on our end. 

If you need help using the Product Import Export Plugin you can reach out to their support team here.

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