Step 2: Manage and Enhance Your Listing

Your next step is to make your store listing(s) stand out with a logo, hours, and social links. The coolest part is that Locally is a central hub for hundreds of websites, so any changes that you make within your Locally account are reflected across all of those brand partner sites.

Start by logging into your account here. Click the blue ribbon on the left, and from here you have a few options:


If your store is closing temporarily due to COVID-19, you can mark it temporarily closed within your Locally dashboard. This way, your store hours are preserved but you do not appear as "open." 

  1. Load your "Locations" page by clicking here
  2. Edit a store by clicking the pencil icon next to the store name
  3. Click the "Hours" tab and scroll to the bottom. Check the "Temporarily Closed?" box and hit save

Marking your store as "Temporarily Closed" does not disable your inventory or Store Pickup/Delivery options. This way, you can indicate that the store is closed to in-store visits but still continue to drive sales with Locally through orders for delivery or curbside pickup. If you are closing completely and need to disable either your inventory display or your Store Pickup/Delivery options, please contact

Additionally, you can Update your Store Name to more strongly indicate changes, a temporarily closure or new services offered like Curbside Pickup, Delivery, and more. 

  1. Load your "Locations" page by clicking here
  2. Edit a store by clicking the pencil icon next to the store name
  3. On the "Main Info" tab, update the Store Name with additional information to convey and hit save


Manage your brand relationships

  1. First, review our Relationship Manager support article
  2. Select "Brand Relationships" and then Relationship Manager
  3. Use this page to request to be added/removed from brands' dealer lists 
  1. Open up Company Info. Note that any changes made here will be reflected across all of your locations
  2. Select the company that you would like to edit
  3. Select "Edit" under "Color Logo Image"
  4. Upload a file (something like 400x400 is typically a high enough resolution)
  5. Click "Save this Company Profile"

Add Your Store Hours (necessary for Buy It Locally)

  1. Head over to your store locations, and again note that any changes made here are specific to that location
  2. Select the store that you would like to edit
  3. Click on the “Hours” tab and confirm that you’re in the right time zone
  4. Enter your opening & closing times for each day
  5. Click "Save This Store"

Edit Your Address

  1. Select the "Location” tab to ensure that your address is listed correctly.
  2. We source this information from brand’s dealer lists and Google’s API, so if it’s wrong here you may want to check your Google My Business profile!
  3. Click "Save This Store"

Add Your Social Links

  1. Lastly, select the "Contact and Social” tab to edit store-specific links
  2. Check that your phone number is correct
  3. If you have specific pages for this store on your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc, enter them here

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