Locally Pages for Brands

Locally Pages can be leveraged as a tool for brands, to feature products available at any local retailer near the user's location. This tool can be embedded in an iframe directly on your site. This is useful for featuring either an entire category of products or a specific selection of products.

Feature a Product Category

To get started, head to your brand's Locally.com subdomain: [brand].locally.com

If you need help finding your brand's subdomain, reach out to support@locally.com or your Client Success Manager!

Select a product category.

Customize your search as needed, then use the "Embed this" button to access the embed code. Use this embed code to install the iframe on your site.

Feature a Selection of Products

To control which products are searched in the Locally Pages grid, use the following parameter to specify the style numbers of the products you'd like to include:


For example:

style_numbers: 10001,10002,10003

Important Note: You must use the style numbers logged in the Locally catalog. If you are unsure what values Locally uses or how they are formatted, reach out to support@locally.com or your Client Success Manager!

To control the title at the top of the Locally Pages grid, add the following parameter:


For example:

title_for_layout: Drinkware Near You

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